Paint Rock Black Angus Reference Sires

Raised to Breed, Bred to Feed!

Paintrock Angus Red Arrow Emphasis

SydGen Enhance

SydGen Enhance

Registration No:
AAA 18170041


As of 9/20/22

BW: +.5

WW: +70

Milk: +32

YW: +137

SydGen Enhanced – Birth Date: 01/27/2015

He posted an incredible performance history , ratioing 80 for BW on an actual BW of 60lbs, 116 for WW and 114 for YW, with and adj. SC of 41.84 cm.

  • His genomic sores are about as good as they get, with single-digit readings for YW, YH, DOC, HP, MILK, MH and CW.
  • A calving ease bull with a great spread, fertility and end product merit.

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