Paint Rock Black Angus Reference Sires

Raised to Breed, Bred to Feed!

Paintrock Angus Red Arrow Emphasis

Sitz Element 10088

Sitz Element 10088

Registration No:
AAA 19064631

Sitz Element 10088

As of 6/8/22

BW: +1.4

WW: +72

Milk: +19

YW: +129

Sitz Element 10088 – Birth Date: 02/16/2018

  • We purchased this bull from the December 2019 Sitz Angus Sale.
  • Like his sire, he is a true performance bull with added growth and muscle shape.
  • Impressively long bodied and correct in his structure.
  • Another outcross on our cow base, his calves have proved to be in the top of our selection.

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